Friday, 15 May 2009


Hi People

This is mostly directed to the Local Government Ombudsman, and the public question that was refused me by Cardiff County Council in January of this year 2009 i.e. When will the Criminal Negligence End? Thats one violation of the Human Rights Act to hold a local authority to account, by being able to ask pertenant questions. Not that the Equality Human Rights Commission agree, but then they are just another Quango, government funded and open to being persuaded not to bring an action. Abit like the Fees office at Parliament not turning around and saying 'Your having a laugh aren't you?' to those MP's who were claiming for all sorts of stuff.

That there has been no direct meeting with anyone since that time can only suggest that the Criminal Negligence continues unabated. There are questions regarding Cardiff County Council blocking emails from me to their elected and un-elected officials, again another infringement of the Human Rights Act apparently and I have uploaded the video to youtube and sent it to you all previously of Judith Woodman openly admitting that this was so. Now it seems that I have to ring Jeff Parry due to his claim that he is no longer receiving my email. I sure would like to get intouch with the internet provider to double check if this is true or false.

So I rang him this Monday, asking how come given the nature of the alligation made that I have had no direct dealings with anyone. I am yet to have a reply, and it is now friday the 15th of May 2009. Given that it is a corporate complaint and that this council has a duty to respond within a given time frame, it seemed that Jeff was still waiting for the various departments to get back to him. I doubt any of you have read the update to my last blog, but it did mention about lodgers and their game playing at this persons expense because they have been allowed to for so long, that they are aware that as far as the Welsh Assembly Government, South Wales Police and Cardiff County Council are concerned they can do anything they please to Crazydave and everyone will turn a blind eye.

I would like that to end as I would have liked it to end in Feb 2002. So here are a few of the latest videos I have uploaded to youtube, the language will probably annoy the prudes, but they cannot prejudice how I say things because that would be a violation of Article 10 of the Human Rights Act one that Kate Berry apparently feels she can ignore with impunity. I would like to see her denuded of that illusion.

The pictures above are of a polling card sent with my address and Mr. Watkins name on investigation I found from the department of the council that sends them out that Mr. Watkins was registered to both addresses? How come, is there to be an investigation into attempted electoral fraud??? Oh I doubt it, but that is what having that card ammounts to, the same as it is unlikely there will be any investigation as to how come the BBC Licence fee people had his name registered to my address. Or all the post I have had over the years in his name registered to my address.(oops the add an image isn't working)(I will try from an internet cafe soon)

Well here are the videos, some slander various individuals and organisations, all I can say to them if you have nothing to hide sue me.

RHODRI MORGAN INOTRTURE OF MENTAL HEALTH SUFFERER I wonder how many of you would find this acceptable especially after so many years of asking is this torture. Live here for 10 years and tell me its not.

BBC RADIO WALES AIDING AN ABETING THE WELSH ASSEMBLY ON IT'S TENTH YEAR Richard Evans used to and now it seems that they have Jason doing the same thing. Never once asking the First Minister awkward questions about the criminal negligence claims made by Crazydave.

THE INSTALLED WATER METER AM I THE ONLY ONE PAYING AT THIS PROPERTY I sometimes wonder about that question. Assembly members have a duty of care, where when never so far.

HOUSE OF LORDS MEMBERS ESPENCES EH COUNTESS MAR? For someone who claims that she is doing unpaid work, she sure enjoys a nice tax free expenses claim equal to £245 ever day she attends. Tell the minimum wage earners at the House that she is doing unpaid work on those perks and they would laugh in her face. Seeing as the National Media didn't appear to wish to question her over her claim I thought I had better do it myself.

WHITE COLLAR CRIME BY GOVERNMENT EH CRAZYDAVE Malfeasance n all Judge is a criminal offence apparently chief constable not that South Wales Police prosecute politicians over it though

INSPIRED BY THE FAST SHOW this week I have been mostly saying so that the boarder know what I think of them

FREE WATER IF SUE BARTLETT WASN'T SUCH A STINGY HUMAN BEING But then she isn't living on one of the lowest incomes in this country, or isn't it a pity that the sustainability committees never ever recommend this sort of action in order to lessen the rip off water companies price for the vulnerable who enjoy the garden ????

EQUALITY HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION DISCRIMINATE AGAINST CRAZYDAVE Well ain't that the truth?? no reply since the hand delivery of the blog Cardiff County Council a Corporation in denial, as far as they are concerned it appears that this human being has no rights, another quango that gets money for nothing and chicks for free

COUNTESS MAR £245 A DAY TAX FREE NON-PAID WORK Another rant at the Countess and her cheek to say she isn't paid

SOCIAL JUSTICE CRAZYDAVE STYLEEEEE yep this is the justice I would administer if I were a judge and found on behalf of Crazydave against the establishment

VOTE NONE OF THE ABOVE AT THE EUROPEAN ELECTIONS that is one of the reason I wish to have my name added to the electoral register in order to do just that, as no party of any colour has given me any significant help or encouragement

THE IPCC WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING I hope that in the fullness of time I will be able to sue Mrs Ribeiro for her part in aiding n abetting the Welsh Assembly,Cardiff County Council and South Wales Police in criminal negligence towards my health n welfare

Well that is it for now folkes, I wonder if the Usual Suspects in the news media will do anything about this lot, where they havent in the past. I did note that on the 6th May the Mirror did a whole spread on our worst housing estates being like consentration camps, it made me wonder if they had finally got round to viewing my Gulag 19 video of the Gabalfa single person flats, and the no gardening.

Plagerism the sincerest form of flattery Crazydave????? Ask the South Wales Echo editor who not long after displaying my Lord Ellis Thomas banner down the Assembly he had a readers letter declaring Rodney Berman (the soon to be former chairman of cardiff county council) stalin?
I guess that this will meet with the same contempt as all of my blogs by you usual suspects, but maybe just maybe pressure will mount and the public inquiry called for. It may take my death before that happens, what with me having the 2nd lung infection in 5 months, not that any of the medical profession have cared to listen to anything this daily user of Cannabis has had to say about its physical health related issues and that perhaps for long term users allowing them to cultivate enough so that they might use it as a food n beverage might just improve their physical health, they are using anyway regardless of what the cultural beliefs of the establishment are, and if ten years ago when I first proposed this idea they had used me for trials maybe they would have data that would suggest that this would be the preferred option seeing as ussage was unlikely to stop.

When will that prejudice against cannabis ussers end chief constable equality human rights commission. Everything I have done either email banners blogging videos garden sculpting have all been done when stoned, and I am not sorry and I don't see why a bunch of other flawed individuals should be able to dictate that I cannot grow this plant, when I can grow vertually any other when are politicians going to grow up and stop being holier than thou sunday school preacher types???

That goes for the BMA they ought to be recommending that if they are using it anyway at least encourage them to digest it in a non long term debilitating way.
With that time to send this to the Usual Suspects and I am through with creating fresh email accounts so that it gets through their email filters as new, at least Julie Morgan had been getting them up till the 'whoops sorry Julie I replied to him by mistake'

Love n Light for crying out loud people
and remember all my blogs can be found at isn't that right officer Haines